A Student or Registered Student Organization (RSO) shall be afforded the opportunity to appeal a hearing decision to the Student Conduct Appeals Board. The student or RSO’s attorney or non-attorney advisor may submit an appeal.  

An appeal must be submitted in writing within ten (10) business days after the outcome is issued.

An appeal may only be considered by the Board on the following grounds:

  • A significant departure from procedures
  • New information has become available
  • The determination of responsibility or outcome is the result of substantial disregard of the information presented 
    Evidence of bias 

If the Appeals Board determines that one of the above referenced grounds has been met, the following may result:

  • Outcome is upheld  
  • The case will be sent to a new Administrative Hearing or University Hearing Panel to be correct a procedural error(s)
  • Reversal or modification of the hearing decision and/or outcome 

If the Student Conduct Appeals Committee decision involves a suspension or expulsion, the Dean of Students, or designee, has the discretion to review the decision and may modify or uphold the Student Conduct Appeals Committee decision prior to the issuance of the appeal outcome notice to the parties. All degree revocations must be reviewed by the Dean of Students, or designee.  

Please note, cases resolved through the Informal Resolution process are not eligible for an appeal.