Academic Integrity

Excerpt taken from the LSU Code of Student Conduct, Section 10.0, page 14

10.1 Academic Misconduct

High standards of academic integrity are crucial for the University to fulfill its educational mission. To uphold these standards, procedures have been established to address Academic Misconduct.  A Student is responsible for submitting work for evaluation that reflects the Student’s performance. If a Student has a question regarding the Instructor’s expectations for assignments, projects, tests, or other items submitted for a grade, it is the Student’s responsibility to seek clarification from the Instructor.

In accordance with the LSU Faculty Handbook, an instructor may not assign a disciplinary grade, such as an "F" or zero on an assignment, test examination, or course as a sanction for admitted or suspected Academic Misconduct in lieu of referring the Student to SAA under the provisions of this Code. Grades assigned as a result of Academic Misconduct must be in accordance with this Code.

A Student found Responsible for Academic Misconduct may NOT drop the course in which the violation occurred. Any Student who drops the course without written permission from SAA will be re-enrolled in the class and then given the appropriate grade as provided in the Outcome. Faculty must submit the grade change form.

For more information, see the LSU Code of Student Conduct

To submit an academic misconduct concern, see the Academic Misconduct section of LSU Cares..