Clean Energy Day

Green power and energy generation is the practice of producing energy in a way that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Meeting the world's needs for electricity, heating, cooling, and power for transport in a green way is widely considered to be one of the most significant challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. In general, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy are widely considered to be green.


LSU Clean Energy Day aims to increase public awareness about green power and energy generation and also provide students with a clear vision of potential careers and research paths they can choose in this field. This event provides a unique opportunity for students with different educational levels and backgrounds to communicate and learn from each other about the field of green power and energy generation. It will help high school students to gain a better vision of clean energy and power systems and career opportunities in this field. Also, undergraduate students will learn the advantages of pursuing their higher education in power and energy systems. Additionally, graduate students will learn possible research opportunities from their peers.


Poster Symposium

Three competition categories

  • High School Students: to prepare posters using their intuition and own vision about power and energy systems.
  • Undergraduate Students: to select relevant topics, conduct online research, and prepare posters based on that.
  • Graduate Students: to use outputs of their research works to prepare posters.

2023 Clean Energy Day Poster Symposium Awards

Graduate student category

1st place: Farshad Amani 
Poster title: Application of Quantum Computing in Clean Energy
2nd place: Fouad Hasan
Poster title: How to Speed Up Power System Management Using Machine Learning
3rd place: Reza MahrooBakhtiari 
Poster title: Load Management to Increase PV Hosting Capacity
3rd place: Mohadese Movahednia 
Poster title: Power Grid Resilience Enhancement via Operational Hardening Against Flood Hazards

Undergraduate student category

1st place: Katherine Robinson and Sarah Sanjoh
Poster title: Solar + Storage Shingle
2nd place: Taylor Donnelly and David Rush
Poster title: Improving Power Grid Using Graph Neural Networks (GNNs)
3rd place: Collin Budinich
Poster title: Why Nuclear Power Is a Great Alternative for Clean Energy
3rd place: Brandon Bull and Lawrence Gonzalez
Poster title: Nuclear Energy

High School Student category

1st place: Sophia Ren, Joshua Shin, and Andrew Wang
Poster title: Storing Green
2nd place: Kaitlyn Smith, Ryan Feng, Tejasvi Tyagi, and Dhruva Sonti
Poster title:  Novel Energy Approach
3rd place: Nicole Lin, Sarah Li, Keanna Luo, and Kalina Namikas
Poster title: Conversion of Atmospheric CO2 to Renewable Fuels via Oxide-supported Amine Framework Nanomaterials

Three high school students stand and hold their certificates in front of poster presentation.Three high school students stand and hold their certificates in front of poster presentation.Two undergraduate students stand and hold their certificates in front of poster presentation.An undergraduate student stands and holds his certificate in front of poster presentation.

Four high school students stand and hold their certificates in front of poster presentation.



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Organizing Committee

Amin Kargarian (Electrical and Computer Engineering, LSU)

Adrienne Steele (Assistant Director of Student Programs & Outreach, LSU)