The Center for Energy Studies (CES) is mandated to provide energy information and analysis that responds to the needs of the legislature, public agencies, and business and civic groups. The Center maintains some unique energy data bases and is the official repository of energy information from the state and The Energy Council. Staff respond regularly to requests from a wide variety of individuals and institutions for specialized energy data and information.

CES comprises the following units:

Other units affiliated with CES:


Study Estimates that Local Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project Could Help Decarbonize Energy Industry while Supporting Jobsreport cover showing emissions, green grass, blue sky

 A new report from LSU’s Center for Energy Studies estimates that a planned carbon capture and sequestration hub to be located in Calcasieu Parish could abate climate damage, support jobs and workers, and protect the energy industry by capturing industrial carbon emissions and storing carbon dioxide permanently underground. 

The report, prepared for Gulf Coast Sequestration, estimates the regional and national economic implications of GCS’s planned carbon capture and sequestration hub. Produced in partnership with GCS, the report is authored by David Dismukes, professor emeritus, LSU Center for Energy Studies; Greg Upton, interim executive director, LSU Center for Energy Studies; Ron Minsk, an energy and environmental policy consultant who served as a special assistant to President Obama for Energy and Environment and special assistant to President Clinton for Economic Policy; and Brian Snyder, associate professor, LSU Department of Environmental Sciences.

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Center Mourns Passing of Louie Max Scott, former LSU Campus Radiation Safety Officer & System Radiation Safety Officer

Max ScottMax Scott, former LSU Campus Radiation Safety Officer and System Radiation Safety Officer, passed away March 11, 2023, at the age of 88.

Max was an LSU faculty member from 1985 to 2002. He was Associate Professor of Nuclear Science, Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Campus Radiation Safety Officer and LSU System Radiation Safety Officer. 

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Job Opportunity at Center for Energy Studies ces logo

The Center for Energy Studies is now accepting applications for the position of business manager. The business manager will oversee all of the operational and financial actions for the Center for Energy Studies and reporting units.

The business manager supervises and is responsible for all aspects of budgeting and accounting on state, grant, contract, and Foundation funds for the Center for Energy Studies and reporting units. This will require collaboration with central administration and dissemination of information between CES and reporting Units.  Workday roles will include Accountant, Award Analyst, Budget Analyst, Cost Center Manager, Grant Financial Analyst, HR originator, Student Employment Partner, Manager, and Effort Certification Reviewer. (50%)

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