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From our location in Louisiana State University, near the mouth of the Mississippi River, the College of the Coast & Environment has a front-row seat to coastal and environmental changes impacting our state, nation, and world. Common stressors include coastal land loss, pollution, and severe weather events, among others. CC&E’s long and rich history of coastal and environmental research discoveries advances knowledge about these stressors and their relationship with lives, livelihoods, and recreation. This research provides sound science so that stakeholders can make informed decisions. Working alongside world-renowned multidisciplinary experts, our graduates acquire the skills and abilities to tackle complex coastal environmental challenges.



Chart Your New Course

a group of students point as they look over the side of a bridge

Coastal Environmental Science is one of a few undergraduate programs in the nation that integrates oceanography, coastal, environmental, and social sciences, providing graduates with diverse career opportunities.

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All incoming freshman majoring in CES can participate in laboratory research. Students complete their chosen projects with the guidance of faculty experts in our dedicated undergraduate research lab.

 a man takes measurements in a marsh
a woman wearing a purple beanie looks up at the sky through binoculars
a woman navigates a boat on open water

CC&E is home to four of the nation’s top 10 scientists in wetlands and marshes. No other university, much less college, has more than one in the top 10!