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The Cain Center, in partnership with Capital Area STEM Network Center is an established Code.org Regional Partner and K-12 computer science hub for Louisiana. 

No matter your background, Code.org makes it easy for you to teach computer science. 

Email code-org@lsu.edu for more information.



Dual Enrollment (DE) has expanded its offerings to 22 courses within 81 high schools—and with record-setting enrollments.

This fall we welcomed 3,048 unique students and saw a rise in overall enrollments by 4,047. Since Fall 2021, these figures have risen by 17% and 24% respectively. 

We project 4,000 additional course enrollments for Spring 2023.

Based on this trend, we predict that students will have earned over 24,000 credit hours during the 2022–2023 academic year.



LSU, Code.org® Partner to Advance K–12 Computer Science Education in Louisiana



Learn about our programs

The Gordon A. Cain Center promotes STEM literacy in PK–12 schools and promotes career and college readiness for high school students as well as incoming LSU students. Read about our mission and get to know us and how we make a difference…

For PK–12 School Administrators…

Expand your course catalog with enhanced content. Ignite a culture of STEM curiosity in your school community, while cultivating inclusion, equity, and diversity. Our programs and initiatives help to increase accountability, boost school performance scores, and enhance career advancement potential at your school. Find out how…

For PK–12 Teachers

  • We provide content modules for you to bring more STEM into your classroom.
  • Your students earn credits towards a STEM seal on their diploma.
  • Your students become eligible for LSU scholarships.
  • Our summer trainings, materials, and ongoing support guide your journey.

Teach with STEM Pathways

  • Your students take LSU courses while remaining in your high school classroom.
  • Your students earn both high school and college credit at the same time.
  • You serve as an LSU course facilitator by completing summer training at LSU.

Become an LSU Dual Enrollment Facilitator

  • Purchase re-usable educational materials and equipment.
  • Improve the quality of science and mathematics education in your classroom.
  • Receive up to $1,000 (PK–2), $1,500 (3rd–5th), and $2,000 (6th –12th) per year.

Start your QSM grant application

  • Receive  special distinction as an LDOE secondary math content leader.
  • All our offerings are customizable and LDOE-approved.

Find out more…

For 6th–12th grade students

  • For inquisitive 9th–12th graders.
  • Day and residential camps.
  • Computational Biology, Game Design, 
    Robotics, Survey of Drones, more…

  • For rising 6th–12th graders.
  • Day and residential camps.
  • Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, more…

  • For 7th–12th graders.
  • Weekly practice sessions.
  • Participate in regional and national mathematics competitions.

  • Register for this FREE college preparatory program.
  • Eligible 9–12 graders receive:
    • tutoring,
    • academic counseling,
    • college and career counseling,
    • social and cultural enrichment,
    • opportunities to visit college campuses.
    • more…

For incoming LSU students

Let us help you…

  • Increase your score on the ALEKS PPL.
  • Develop conceptual understanding necessary for calculus.
  • Enhance your mathematical reasoning, problem‐solving skills, and study habits.
  • Place higher in LSU Mathematics courses.