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The LSU School of  Animal Sciences is working to meet the challenges of today’s industry through research, outreach, and teaching efforts. The LSU AgCenter researchers discoveries improve plant, animal, and food production systems to enhance commodity production and conserve the environment for the benefit of all people.


AI Short Course

Artificial insemination is one of the most effective assisted reproductive technologies to improve cattle operations. There are numerous advantages to utilizing AI including the use of superior sires for improved production traits, reducing the number of herd bulls necessary, increasing the genetic merit of replacement females, and decreasing the chances of transmitting a venereal disease. Beef producers have been reluctant to implement AI in their herds, citing reasons such as increased time and labor requirements, difficulty of AI, cost, and lack of necessary facilities.

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Is Beef Cattle Temperament Important in Your Operation?

Are beef cattle disposition and temperament important to a successful operation? Research and my lifetime of cattle experiences have proven to me that docile cattle are more fertile, have higher average daily gains, are more feed efficient, healthier, and will produce carcasses with higher quality and yield grades.

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Many of the researchers and extension specialists with the LSU AgCenter also have joint appointments in 13 departments within LSU’s College of Agriculture.

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